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Benard Sulejmani
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    1001, Tirana, Albania
  • WordPress 6 + eCommerce
  • Elementor PRO + WPBakery
  • CSS3/SASS + JavaScript ES6
  • Bootstrap 4-5 + Foundation
  • PHP 8 + MySQL 8 + cPanel
  • Adobe XD + Figma / Sketch
  • Photoshop + Illustrator (CC)

Make clear some points at the beginning.

16 May, 2023

Before you start learning JavaScript.


Learning = Set Priorities

Create a routine that gives you the space to learn JavaScript. Try to do at least 60 minutes of learning every day. More if possible. Keep examining your life activities so you can focus your energies on your studies. Make your studies a priority since you will rely on them for your livelihood.

Learning = Concentrating

Focus on learning well, not fast. Pay attention to what you read. Read word-for-word if you have to. Write each line of code word-for-word. This will help you concentrate on what you learn. Also, don’t focus on getting a job as a developer after just starting to learn. Jobs are goalposts that move. You won’t be able to score when the goalposts move, especially when you haven’t learned to kick yet.

Learning = Be Persistent

If you really want to learn, you need to put in the time and energy to learn, even if things become difficult. Difficult things can only be done by people who put in the effort. Becoming a developer is simple, but it is not easy. You have to be very persistent to achieve the purpose you aim for.

Learning = Take Notes

Expect yourself to forget some knowledge a day after you learned them. Learning programming is not a photographic album of memories so it is quite easy to forget things. Take notes so you can refer to them and recall what you learned. Spend time writing exercises with fundamentals by using them.

Learning = Making Mistakes

We want to say this loud and clear, learning programming is a process of making mistakes and learning from them. Do NOT get discouraged when you can’t solve a challenge and exercise. No programmer learned without making every single mistake that you will make. This is a known fact.



Is everything data or just code?


One question! What do you think, on the internet, is everything data or just code? Very interesting! You may search about this, and everyone will explain their perspective.

The best explanation comes here:

• Data refers to information that is transmitted over the internet, such as text, images, audio, and video. This data is typically stored on web servers and is accessed by users via web browsers.
• Code refers to the programming instructions that are used to create websites and web applications. This code is typically written in languages such as HTML, CSS, and JS.

Also, the data and the code can be the same thing, which means the data is code, or the code is data. How? Well, what is the text inside a file of code, is code. And, what is a file of code saved in a folder, is data.

Overall, both data and code are important components of the internet, and they work together to create the web pages and applications that we use every day.

As long as you are just a user of the Internet, your only job is to receive or provide data on it. In the moment you decide to become a programmer, then you are the one who creates the connecting bridge of data.

In other words, you are not anymore a common user who just uploads data to social networks, but you are the programmer who builds these social networks and enables users to upload data to them.

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